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Our Play-based Learning Philosophy

The early years are a special time in a child's life, an exciting period of discovery and learning. KU has a strong play-based learning philosophy and our qualified early childhood staff create programs based on current research and practice plus decades of experience.

KU views young children as capable and strong learners rather than as dependant and needing to be "filled up". Our high quality play-based programs are designed to give children a wide range of active and meaningful experiences, building on the children's own strengths and interests.

In play-based programs children are learning all the time. The learning that occurs is often informal, gained as children interact, explore and try out different ways of doing things that our staff have intentionally planned. Through play, children develop skills, knowledge, feelings and dispositions that provide a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

At KU all children are viewed as individuals whilst learning to interact positively within a group. This helps develop relationships, social skills and tolerance of others and their environment.

For those children who are approaching school age, we place a strong emphasis on programs which challenge and extend their abilities and confidence, aiding their transition to school.