Before applying for any of our positions we advise you to gain an insight  into our organisation. Please go to About section for more information. For KU centres description and their location please go to the Locations.

As a first step you should acquire the applicable essential criteria and job description available in Selection Criteria & Job Descriptions section. The job description will provide you with a good understanding about the role, responsibilities and physical requirements to perform the position.

Your Application You should submit a covering letter outlining Job Reference Number, qualifications, skills and experience in relation to the essential recruitment criteria for the position advertised along with a copy of your resume.
Your Resume Should include a brief summary of your work history, contact details, academic training and education, courses attended ie, inservice, referees, and other relevant information.
Selection Process 1. Consideration of all applications against essential criteria.
2. Shortlisting of applicants to be offered an interview
3. Arrange interviews with shortlisted applicants
4. Interviews conducted
5. Selection decision made
6. Referee checks undertaken

7. Position offered - only successful applicants will be notified

Criminal History Criminal History checks will be performed due to KU responsibilities under the Child Protection Act. Should you be unwilling to allow KU undertake a criminal history check, the interview for the position will not take place.