The interview panel usually consists of two to three people and generally includes: the Area Manager, Centre Director and a member of the centre Parent Committee.

The interview consists of a series of pre-planned questions. Applicant's answers should describe where possible:

•  actual situations or tasks with which you have been involved
•  actions undertaken by applicant
•  results/outcome of actions whether good, bad or indifferent
•  what you learned from the experience
•  what you would do differently next time

The panel will be working on the basis that your past behaviour is more than likely to predict your future performance and will therefore be trying to ascertain what you have actually done. The panel may ask follow up questions for further clarification/understanding.    

Length of the Interview

An interview can take 30 to 60 minutes, during which time you will have the opportunity to ask any questions. We suggest at an interview you should be straightforward and honest, listen carefully and seek clarification where necessary, be positive, volunteer or present information/ documentation to support your application/answers to questions, provide specific answers, keep to the point.

What to Bring

You will be required to bring the following documents (CERTIFIED COPIES ONLY) to an interview with KU:

If born in Australia
  • Birth Certificate (full extract) and Passport
If born overseas
  • Proof of Citizenship OR Proof of Permanent Residency OR Work Permit/Visa
  • Photo ID (ie. Drivers Licence, Proof of Age Card, Passport or Uni/TAFE Student ID Card)
  • Marriage Certificate (copy only and if applicable)
  • Resume (preferably)
  • Qualifications including transcripts (certified copies only)
    NOTE: CCWs and Clerical Assistants - not required, Cooks - preferred
  • Senior First-Aid Certificate (copy only)
    NOTE: CCWs, Clerical Assistants and Cooks - not required
  • Documentation supporting previous experience for increment purposes (only if appropriate)
  • Letters OR certificates verifying service with previous child-related experience (only if appropriate)