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Information for Mainstream Parents

The KU AMEP Admin team is located in Sydney and holds regular parent's sessions across all Navitas English Consortium colleges in Sydney's Inner West, Inner CBD, Liverpool and Central West in NSW and in Canberra, ACT. AMEP mainstream child care placements are sought across a number of licensed early childhood centres. The KU AMEP Admin Team will try to secure an appropriate number of days of childcare to meet your study needs, although this may not always be possible as childcare places are usually limited and are in high demand.

In some regions, childcare may not be available immediately or you may be offered partial childcare placements while you wait for additional days to become available. You may need to travel longer than 30 minutes depending on your address, the location of the childcare centre and the availability of transport.

Conditions of use for AMEP funded childcare places

While your fees are paid by KU, your AMEP funded child care can only be used during your class hours and only on the days that you are present in class or SLPET work placement. You must pick up your child from the child care centre as soon as your class finishes.

For legal and auditing purpose, all children's attendances are recorded by KU and by the English college. For each day of your class, you must sign in and out the exact times of your child's arrival and departure into the child care centre. Please note that signing in and out is a legal requirement and child care centres must submit records of your child's attendances when audited by Government departments.

Contact us

The KU Admin team can be contacted via email at or via phone 02 9268 3913, 02 9268 3914, 02 9268 3965 or 02 9268 3969.

Useful information

KU AMEP Mainstream parents booklet