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Information for Onsite Parents

In NSW, KU operates nine child care centres within the Navitas Consortium English colleges in Sydney's West and South West. We have college locations in: Auburn, Bankstown, Blacktown, Cabramatta, Fairfield, Hurstville, Liverpool, Mt Druitt and Parramatta. We will begin with the operation of AMEP in Canberra, ACT in 2015.

All KU AMEP services provide high quality culturally appropriate early childhood education and care for children from birth to under school age. KU AMEP centres share KU's strong commitment to child-centred, play-based learning programs. KU AMEP educators are highly trained and most of them are multilingual.

How to enrol in a KU onsite childcare centre

If you are an eligible AMEP student and wish to use a KU AMEP onsite child care, you will need to see your college Pathway Advisor (PA) to register your child care needs. The KU coordinator will contact you upon receiving your request and discuss your enrolment details. Please note that childcare places are in high demand and you may not receive a place immediately.

Conditions of use for AMEP childcare places

You are entitled to use AMEP funded childcare only during your class hours and only on the days of your classes. If you are absent from your class, you cannot send your child to the childcare centre. You must pick up your child from the child care centre as soon as your class finishes and must remain in the college building at all times that your child is in the child care centre.

For legal and auditing purpose, all children's attendances are recorded by KU and by the English college. For each day of your class, you must sign in and out the exact times of your child's arrival and departure into the child care centre. Please note that signing in and out is a legal requirement and child care centres must submit records of your child's attendances when audited by Government departments.

Useful Information

KU AMEP Onsite parent's booklet