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KU Professional Services offers a range of publications and resources to support early childhood services with their ongoing professional learning and compliance.

These resources have been developed based on a foundation of practitioner enquiry and research and can be used to support teams, educators and management committees with compliance obligations and improving their early childhood education practice.

Our range of publications and resources support educators with:

  • The National Quality Framework - including the National Quality Standard and Early Years Learning Framework
  • Early Years Literacy
  • Enhancing children's communication to support inclusion
  • Relationships and attachment
  • Visual Arts
  • Visual Documentation

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Current Publications

Cover_DS_Art Around

Art Around

This book is a practical resource to increase visual arts knowledge and skills within early childhood educators, with the overall aim of having a positive effect on the visual arts programs they provide for the children in their care. The book outlines the Art Around Project and how visual arts was implemented with adults and then children. This practical approach is particularly useful if a centre wishes to devise their own educational program for staff or provide visual arts experiences for children. It is equally relevant to a family who would like to offer their child an in visual arts.

 Cover_DS_Communicating with Friends

Communicating with Friends

This resource package is a practical guide to assist early childhood educators and families to enhance communication skills of young children and support inclusion. 

It is particularly useful for children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and those with additional needs.

The information provided is easy to read and implement, and full of practical and workable ideas.

This booklet also includes a resource DVD with easy to use templates, resources and video examples.

 Cover_DS_Connecting with art

Connecting with Art, Connecting with Nature

This publication explores the journey of change and inspiration experienced by KU Westmead Preschool as they participated in the Artist in Residence program with Artist Jan Downes and Early Childhood Teacher Ann Cramer. This story follows what happened before, during and after the project, and how it inspired a fresh approach to visual arts in the preschool. Written in the context of ‘storytelling', we hope this story will inspire, motivate change, provide ideas and help educators embrace and engage further with visual arts.


Guiding Children's Behaviour

In our work with young children we are involved in promoting their wellbeing, safety and development. Of fundamental consideration is the understanding that a child's behaviour is their means of communication. This involves an understanding of child development, collaboratively creating positive social and physical environments and managing challenging behaviours that are counter-productive to individual and group social development.

This practice guide has a strengths-based approach and gives educators the tools to develop Individualised Behaviour Support Plans in collaboration with families, to prevent and respond to challenging behaviours when necessary.

The implementation of this guide is supported by a two-part workshop which assists educators to provide environments that support positive behaviour and respond to challenging situations.


Teaching as Research - The Thinking Lens as a Research Tool

Developed by KU in conjunction with internationally-renowned early childhood teacher-educator, program consultant and author, Ann Pelo, the framework for this five-part DVD series is ‘The Thinking Lens® for Learning with Children'. This is a carefully planned ‘thinking tool' for educators that carries us beyond meeting minimum standards of care and education and helps educators work alongside children as critical thinkers and researchers. The focus of the Thinking Lens® is to help educators become researchers who watch and listen to children with delight and curiosity, noticing the details of children's play and conversation in order to plan responsively and with intention.

Price: $149.95 (incl. GST)

 Cover_DS_Talking read and Writing

The KU ELLI Program Guide

The Guide highlights the benefits of providing meaningful experiences that promote vocabulary development, build linguistic awareness, and engage children in listening to the sounds of the language, thereby developing phonemic awareness. The KU ELLI Guide is also a useful resource that can be referred to when developing a print rich literacy environment. Such an environment offers many opportunities for children to become familiar with books from different genres, acquire book knowledge, participate in story making, engage in story recall, prediction and pretend story reading and fosters interest in letters and writing. Recommended for: This program guide is a valuable resource for early childhood educators working with children aged from 2-5 years, as well as students at TAFE and University who are studying to work with children in the years before school.

 Cover_DS_Visual Documentation

Visual Documentation to support positive behaviour in playspaces

This resource supports educators in their work with young children. It is designed to facilitate opportunities for intentional teaching and learning, interaction and negotiation, and to promote children's agency and autonomy.

Visual documentation reflects and respects children's learning dispositions. It is particularly useful to support children with language processing disorders, children from CALD backgrounds and children who are visual learners to engage successfully in a diverse range of learning experiences.

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